Monday, October 10, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 10, 2016

Korea Times: Joint U.S. - South Korean naval exercise kicks off with US super carrier

South Korea and the United States began a large-scale joint naval exercise, Monday, in all seas off the Korean Peninsula in a show of force against possible provocations from North Korea.

It is very rare for the two countries to conduct joint drills in the East, West and South Seas, officials said, adding that this reflects the seriousness the two allies attach to the military tension caused by the North's continuous provocative actions.

Washington dispatched the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Ronald Reagan, for the six-day exercise, Invincible Spirit 2016, which focuses on training the allies' naval forces on joint precision attacks on the North's military installations and the regime's leadership that would be launched in the event of a war with the reclusive state.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 10, 2016

U.S., South Korea naval forces conduct joint drill 'Invincible Spirit 2016' -- UPI

U.S. - South Korea stage military drills with nuke-powered carrier -- Korea Herald

Increased activity detected at N.K. rocket launch site: 38 North -- Yonhap News

North Korean Activity at Nuclear Site May Be Preparation for Another Test -- Sputnik

Military employing all surveillance assets ahead of key N.K. anniversary -- Yonhap News Agency

N. Korea resumes encrypted numbers broadcast after 2-week hiatus -- Korea Times

South Korea says pre-emptive strikes against North remain an option -- IHS Janes 360

Russia sends cruise missile ships to Mediterranean -- IHS Jane's 360

Russia Deploys Nuclear-Capable Missiles on NATO's Doorstep -- AFP

Iskander missiles deployment to Kaliningrad part of drill, not secret – Russian military -- RT

Poland says Russian Iskander missiles deployment 'inappropriate response' to NATO activity -- TASS

First drills of Russian, Egyptian paratroopers to be held in mid-October -- TASS

Sure Shot: T-72, T-90 to Get Armata Tank's Electronic 'Brain' for Fast Targeting -- Sputnik

Russia's new Pantsir-SM air defense system to roll off production lines in 2 years -- TASS

Russia plans permanent naval facility in Syrian port of Tartus – MoD -- RT

Egypt denies talks on hosting Russian airbase -- RT

Tank Top: Russia, China Make World's Only 'Fundamentally New' Armored Vehicles -- Sputnik

Poland in Fallout With France Over Helicopters in Further Split Within EU -- Sputnik

Major UK-led Nato exercise begins in Scotland -- BBC

NATO Falling Apart Due to Incompatible Weapon Systems, Missing Parts -- Sputnik

Canadian Forces Consider Handing Military Sex Crimes To Civilian Courts -- Canadian Press

Philippines ends South China Sea patrols with US -- The Hill

DOD Cracking Down on Payments to Afghan 'Ghost Soldiers' -- and Stripes

U.S. military says 2 service members wounded in Afghanistan -- AP

Marine Special Operators Fly New Surveillance Drone in Iraq --

Air Force recruits most new airmen since Vietnam -- Air Force Times

The inside story of how the Navy's top brass eliminated ratings -- Navy Times

And the fattest U.S. military service is ... -- Military Times

History-Making U.S. Air Force General Isn't About 'Firsts' --

US catches spies shipping military tech to Russia -- Endgadget

Arrested NSA contractor is no Snowden, officials say -- The Hill

The Pentagon Accounts for More Than Half of the Federal Government’s $1 Billion PR Budget -- Reason

American Military Culture and Civil-Military Relations Today -- Charlie Dunlap, Lawfare

Sweden Was a Military Giant—Until It Invaded Russia -- Michael Peck, National Interest

Nuclear-armed drones? They may be closer than you think -- Asia Times

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