Monday, October 17, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 17, 2016

Fortune: The CIA is Preparing for a Major Cyberattack Against Russia

The agency’s goal would be to “embarrass” top Russian officials.

NBC News reports that the CIA is developing scenarios for an electronic attack on Russian leadership. According to sources including current government officials, the intent is to “embarrass” top Russian officials through “clandestine” and widespread hacking.

Vice President Joe Biden seemed to be pointing to just such a possibility during an appearance on Meet the Press airing today, when asked by Chuck Todd why America hasn’t responded to Russian attempts to interfere with the Presidential election.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- October 17, 2016

Putin dismisses US threat of retaliation over alleged hacking -- The Guardian/Reuters

Cyberwar: Is the CIA about to launch a retaliatory covert cyber strike against Russia? -- International Business Times

North Korean missile exploded shortly after liftoff, says U.S. and South Korea -- AP

Japan may accelerate missile defense upgrades in wake of North Korean tests: sources -- Reuters

Moscow, Beijing 'Stay in Tandem' Against US Anti-Missile Defense Plans -- Sputnik

China military urges restraint from U.S.-South Korea navy drills -- Reuters

India to buy Russian surface-to-air missile defense system -- Asia Times

Russian Northern Fleet sub launches cruise missile at target in Novaya Zemlya -- TASS

Universal Soldiers: New Ratnik Gear to 'Turn Russian Servicemen Into Supermen' -- Sputnik

The Kremlin Plans to Turn Cell Phone Towers Into Cruise Missile Jammers -- Robert Beckhusen, War Is Boring

Russia's Answer to Daesh Jihad-Mobiles: Deadly UAZ Patriot Jeeps -- Sputnik

Russia's newly-built Admiral Makarov frigate will undergo testing in Barents Sea -- TASS

Sorry, China: Why the Japanese Navy is the Best in Asia -- Kyle Mizokami, National Interest

Japan's defense contractors get to grips with foreign military buyers -- Japan Today

Norway May Become First Country with F-35 Block Buy -- DoD Buzz

Montenegro to Join NATO Within Several Months – Prime Minister -- Sputnik

Merkel: Germany to heavily increase Bundeswehr budget -- DW

Weapons: France And SOCOM Love The Mutant M-16 -- Strategy Page

U.S. military wraps up Haiti relief mission after huge airlift effort -- Navy Times

Super stealthy destroyer Zumwalt joins the fleet -- AP

Navy, Air Force Are Exploring Concepts for a Next-Generation 6th Generation Fighter to Come After the F-35 -- Scout Warrior

U.S. Army testing M3 recoilless rifle improvements -- UPI

New Army Long-Range Missile Might Kill Ships, Too: LRPF -- Breaking Defense

Marines' requirements for infantry officers are unrealistic, Army colonel says -- Marine Times

How will the US military prepare for future conflicts? -- Stars and Stripes

Meet The Entrepreneur Bridging The Gap Between Tech And The Military -- Christina Wallace, Forbes

Intelligence: The Cursed Gift From Google -- Strategy Page

US Navy gets PC makeover — while its ships fall apart -- NYP Editorial

Former Navy SEAL commanders: When things get tough, forget motivation, you need discipline (Video) -- Business Insider

The Pentagon is just another bloated government agency -- Matt Purple, The Hill

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