Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Philippine President Duterte Will Not Raise The South China Sea Dispute During His China Visit

Wall Street Journal: Philippines’ Duterte Not Planning to Raise South China Sea Disputes in China Visit

Seeking to reset once-fractious ties with Beijing.

BEIJING—Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said Wednesday he wasn’t planning to pursue substantive talks on the South China Sea disputes during meetings with top Chinese leaders this week, as he seeks to reset Manila’s once-fractious ties with Beijing.

Speaking to reporters in Beijing a day before a scheduled meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Mr. Duterte said he would focus on seeking Chinese economic aid during his state visit, setting aside their countries’ discord over overlapping territorial and maritime claims.

If the Chinese leadership wishes to discuss the disputes, “we can set the broad lines, but there will be no hard impositions. There will be no asking of concessions,” said Mr. Duterte, who arrived in Beijing late Tuesday to start a four-day visit.

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Update: Philippines' Duterte says South China Sea arbitration case to take 'back seat' (Reuters)

WNU Editor: This deference to China is raising eyebrows in the Philippines .... Duterte's Deference Delights China but Is Questioned at Home (New York Times). Adding more fuel to the fire .... Rodrigo Duterte says he’d consider holding joint military exercises with China, Russia ( And adding even more fuel to the fire .... protests against the U.S. in the Philippines increase, but none against Chinese actions in the South China Sea .... Philippine Police Van Rams Anti-U.S. Protesters at Manila Embassy (NBC).

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Aizino Smith said...

Well that fumb ducker Obama is in the process of losing Egypt to the Russians.

It looks like he plans on losing the Phillipines as well.

If somehow Japan sides with China, China will have its string of pearls.

There is no way Taiwan does not fall, if China has the Phillipines and Japan as allies. They will go without a whimper.

Under Obama America is no longer the leader of the free world. They are no longer the strongest nation. As corrupt as Obama is; he wants to curate the news, a person could say that Russia is as free or freer than the U.S.

Is Russia the leader of the Free world?

I think if Hillary is elected it is proof that the Republic has fallen.

Project Veritas and Wikileaks have shown what we all suspected and worse.

For example, I knew Jan Schakowski's husband was a no good jerk. I did not realize how bad he was. Or Obama was.

The date of the fall of the Republic could be dated to 21992 or maybe 2008 (more likely).