Thursday, October 6, 2016

President Obama: Climate Change Contributed To Syrian War

Haaretz/AP: Obama: Climate Change Contributed to Syrian War, Is Major Security Threat

During the first ever 'South by South Lawn' event, President Obama discussed the grave consequences of climate change with actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

President Barack Obama liked his March trip to Austin's South by Southwest festival of technology and music so much that he decided to try to re-create the SXSW vibe from Texas on the South Lawn.

On Monday, he rolled out "South by South Lawn," or SXSL, bringing together artists, innovators, musicians and entrepreneurs for the equivalent of a giant White House block party for tech nerds.

The president made a midday visit to the South Lawn to check out booths and vendors promoting everything from virtual reality technology to fake tattoos. He later spoke to the crowd about climate change in a joint appearance with actor Leonardo DiCaprio and climate scientist Dr. Katharine Hayhoe.

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WNU Editor: I am sure (and I am willing to bet) that if you ask a hundred Syrians on why there is a civil war in their country .... climate change will not even be on their list.


B.Poster said...

Sometimes I think this man and his team are simply misguided people who mean well. Other times I think these people have a pathological hatred for the country and people they are supposed to be leading. Other times I think these people are insane.

Blaming the situation in Syria on "climate change" provides considerable evidence that these people are insane. America faces a multitude of existential threats across multiple fronts the likes of which no nation in the history of the world has eve faced and he and his team choose to shadow box with a non existent threat called "climate change!!"

fred lapides said...

While one can never pin down fully the reasons for this mess, the notion that climate change has played a role has been raised some time ago, and Obama merely addressing this now. He did not raise this as a cause.
To disagree with climate change as a cause of anything is of course a position one can take, but to accuse those who think this as insane suggests a problem with the name caller

Aizino Smith said...

Obama is willing to tell the moist bald faced lies, if it will move the chess pieces or checker pieces down the board.

The push is on to get the Climate change treaty approved by the Senate before January 20th.

So Obama will lie ad infinitum.

B.Poster said...


One definition of insanity is to focus on ridiculous causes for things. To suggest that climate change is a factor in Syria, is insane. The person who initially said it was/insane when they said it. To repeat such nonsense, is insane as well.

While the term insane may be a bit crude, he and his team would seem to meet some of the definitions of insanity.

Actually it is not overly hard to pin down some of the reasons for the mess in Syria. As I patiently pointed out back in 2011 when folks in the US government started with "Assad must go" that this was impossible. The Russians would never allow it. Maybe his removal is optimal. Maybe it isn't. Bottom line its not going to happen. Basing policies on that which is not possible is akin to running full speed at brick wall and banging one's head against it. The wall is not going to move and the one who does this is going to get seriously hurt.

Bob Huntley said...

Maybe they should look the other way. What is the impact of war on climate change? All those jets burning fuel and all the bombing causing fires especially involving oil facilities. by the time mankind is done with its frivolities we'll be lucky to have any livable climate at all.

Jay Farquharson said...