Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Russia Hack of U.S. Politics Bigger Than Disclosed

NBC: Russia Hack of U.S. Politics Bigger Than Disclosed, Includes GOP

The Russian government's cyber-espionage campaign against the American political system began more than a year ago and has been far more extensive than publicly disclosed, targeting hundreds of key people -- Republicans and Democrats alike -- whose work is considered strategically important to the Putin regime, official sources told NBC News.

The targets over the past two years have included a Who's Who of Hillary Clinton associates from her State Department tenure, the Clinton Foundation and her presidential campaign, as well as top Republicans and staffers for Republican candidates for president.

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WNU Editor: It appears that Blaming Russia while giving no proof is becoming the norm in Washington today.


Anonymous said...

...while Mosca continues to deny any evidence (I'm talking about other stuff, like the MH17...). It's old Cold War again.

Bob Huntley said...

Accusing without evidence is giving credit.