Thursday, October 6, 2016

Russia Is Warning Its Citizens That A Nuclear War With The West Could Be Imminent


Daily Mail: Russia claims nuclear war could be imminent as it evacuates 40 MILLION people in drill and warns that 'schizophrenics from America' could attack

* Russia's Ministry of Defence has warned a nuclear war is on the horizon
* The Kremlin has organised the mass evacuation in the capital Moscow
* Officials said to have built underground shelters big enough for 12million
* Russia's bombing of Syria resulted in the US suspending negotiations

Russia is evacuating more than 40million people in drills to prepare for nuclear war after Putin's Ministry of Defence warned of 'schizophrenics from America sharpening atomic weapons for Moscow.

Citizens have been told a war with the West could be imminent and Kremlin officials have said underground shelters have been built to house 12million people.

The massive evacuation drill started yesterday and will last three days.

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Update #1: Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise that 'involves 40 million people' (The Independent)
Update #2: Russia tells citizens ‘nuclear war with the West could happen soon’ (Metro)

WNU editor: For as long as I can remember .... the Kremlin has been warning of nuclear war. These warnings are nothing new.


Miguel LM said...

How pathetic and lunatics these crazy russians are...

B.Poster said...


Actually such an action is sensible. I wish America would do something like this. The most likely attack scenario against America is a multitude of "dirty bombs" which will likely also include multiple suitcase nuclear weapons detonated simultaneously across multiple metropolitan areas.

America should do something similar to what the Russians are doing. Unfortunately there are three basic problems with this from the American perspective. 1.)American policy has been based upon overestimating its own capabilities while underestimating those of enemies and potential enemies. To organize and plan such a drill would mean coming to grips with reality and many in leadership just aren't ready to do that yet. 2.)If Americans understood the true nature of the threats the nation faces, the entire economy and possibly much of the world economy would completely collapse overnight. As such, many have a vested interest in denying reality. 3.)The American leader who dared organize such drills would be hysterically attacked by the news media. No one really wants to withstand this kind of attack when they can avoid it.

Also, now that Russia is going after ISIS in Syria this group along with Al Qaeda may direct resources to attacking Russians on their homeland. I'm sure the Russian leadership is well aware of this and the mechanics of this drill could also be applied in this scenario as well.

In short, the Russians get to have common sense defense policies. Americans and other "westerners" should be so fortunate. Very respectfully by calling them "pathetic and lunatics" for implementing common sense polices indicates a lack of understanding of the current world situation.

Miguel LM said...

All Nations that think in using nuclear weapons are *lunatics. In the top list : NK, Russia, China, US, Pakistan.

We are in the XXI century, not in the 40s or in 1600 when the world wars were reigning. Russia and the US are the top bullies of this world.

Instead of making wars its better to act with dignity and with diplomacy. Respect the people, serve your people.

fred lapides said...

My guess is that all things Russian are considered and taken seriously. That said, I do not think we have to do what Putin does and says to suggest we are to be taken seriously. One guess is that Putin is trying to dampen down the issues that are domestic by talking about foreign attacks etc.