Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Russia Threatens To Blast Facebook's Internet Drones If They Fly Over Russian Airspace

Moscow Times: If Facebook Sends Its Internet Drones Into Russia, They Could Be Blasted From the Sky

You’ve probably heard about the projects. If you’ve been to the movies in the U.S. this summer, there’s a chance you saw Facebook’s advertisement about it. Silicon Valley has big plans to deploy aircraft around the world that are capable of beaming wireless Internet down at populations that currently lack access to the World Wide Web. If these companies send their drones over Russia, however, there’s a good chance they’ll be blasted from the sky.

At a government roundtable this week dedicated to Russia’s telecommunications industry, a representative from the state-run carrier Rostelecom warned that foreign Internet-sharing drones pose a national security threat, citing plans by the companies OneWeb, Samsung, and others.

“Ground operators might encounter problems. If foreign players win here, it could be an issue for [Russia’s] sovereignty. Whoever controls the information controls the world,” the representative said, according to the pro-Kremlin tabloid “Life.”

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WNU Editor: If Facebook's or Samsung's internet service is cheaper/better/and faster .... I say bring them in.


fazman said...

Common sense, they should and will be shot down. What guarantees would russia have that its not also spying as such.
Remember what happened to the kirean airliner, and l think theyd view these incursions as far more suspicous and intrusive.

Anonymous said...

Very good Mr Putin FAKEBOOK is Hillary Little puppet