Saturday, October 22, 2016

Russian Warships Leave The English Channel

Daily Mail: Watch out Russians - a firebreathing Dragon is coming to get you! State-of-the-art Royal Navy destroyer is on its way to make sure Putin's attack fleet leave English Channel

* HMS Dragon was seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour to keep an eye on the Russian vessels
* The Admiral Kuznetsov passed the Dover Strait shortly before lunch on its way to attack jihadis in Syria
* The powerful Russian fleet was ordered to travel though the English Channel's shipping lanes in single file
* The Royal Navy and Nato allies are keeping the Russian carrier fleet under close observation
* Putin has recalled two corvettes from the Mediterranean to divide the Royal Navy's response to his fleet
* Russians have mocked Royal Navy as 'weak' and claimed Britain 'overreacted' by deploying warships

A state-of-the art destroyer has been dispatched to join Royal Navy ships monitoring Russian warships who are on their way to the Mediterranean.

HMS Dragon was earlier seen leaving Portsmouth Harbour to keep an eye on the Russian vessels sailing down the English Channel.

The Type 45 HMS Dragon and a number of other Royal Navy ships are taking part in the man-marking exercise.

The Russian carrier fleet that passed through the English Channel today deployed heavily-armed guards to deter anyone approaching the warships.

HMS Dragon is the fourth of the Royal Navy's six Type 45 air defence destroyers and was launched in November 2008.

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probus said...

I'm surprised the Russians were able to get the Kuz out of dry-dock... love the belching smoke-- what a joke!