Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spain Under Pressure From NATO To Not Refuel Russian Naval Fleet On Its Way To Syria

The Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser © Sergey Eshenko / Sputnik

Daily Mail: Sin gasolina? Spain to review decision to allow flotilla of Russian warships to refuel in the Mediterranean on their way to bomb Aleppo after increasing international pressure

* Flotilla of many Russian warships is on the way to Syria to bomb Aleppo
* Nuclear-powered flagship is among those due to dock in Cueta in Spain
* But head of Nato urged Spain to refuse port to vessels due to join attack
* Comes as Russia faces criticism for killing civilians in the Syrian city

Spain say they will review a decision to allow a flotilla of Russian warships to refuel in the country on the way to bomb in Aleppo in Syria after coming under international pressure.

Eight of Vladimir Putin’s warships are expected to take on fuel and supplies from the Spanish port of Cueta this week.

Moscow’s flagship aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov and nuclear-powered battle cruisers are among the vessels due to enter the port as early as Wednesday.

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WNU Editor: On the one hand Spain .... a NATO country .... blocks NATO ships from docking at Gibraltar .... but on the other hand will permit the Russian navy to dock .... Gibraltar's FURY: Spain 'blocks NATO boats docking at Rock but welcomes Putin's warships' (Express).

More News On Reports That Spain Will Refuel The Russian Naval Fleet On Its Way To Syria

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Update: The Russians have withdrawn their request for refuelling at a Spanish port ....

Russia withdraws request for carrier battle group to refuel in Spain amid NATO pressure (RT)
Russia ships 'will not refuel in Spain' (BBC)
Russia withdraws request for warships to refuel in Spanish port of Ceuta on way to bomb Syria amid anger (The Independent)

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