Saturday, October 8, 2016

Suicide Truck Bomb Attack In Kuwait Fails To Kill 5 U.S. Soldiers

DW: Suicide truck bomber in Kuwait fails in attack on US soldiers

Kuwaiti officials say the bomb-laden truck failed to detonate, leaving only the truck driver injured. Kuwait has largely been spared from IS attacks, however, officials say they thwarted three such attempts in July.

Kuwaiti security officials arrested a suspected Islamic jihadist after he slammed an explosives laden truck into a vehicle carrying five US soldiers in Kuwait on Saturday.

The explosives failed to detonate, and the only person injured in the attack was the Egyptian truck driver identified as Ibrahim Sulaiman. The government did not identify the location of the incident, but said security forces took the alleged perpetrator to the hospital.

"After an initial investigation of the suspect Sulaiman, who was born in 1988, by specialized security apparatus, a hand-written note was found indicating that he had adopted the terrorist Daesh ideology and pledged allegiance to this organization," the state news agency KUNA said, referring to the so-called "Islamic State" (IS).

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Kuwait arrests suspected Islamist after truck attack on Americans (Reuters)

WNU Editor: These 5 American soldiers are lucky .... correction .... very lucky.

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