Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sweden Wants To Give Returning ISIS Fighters Free Driving Licenses, Housing, And A Tax Break

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Express: Free driving licenses & grants: Sweden's shock plan to reintegrate returning ISIS fighters

A SWEDISH council wants to give ISIS fighters state-financed driving licenses and housing grants to stop them from committing acts of terrorism.

Around 140 Swedish people have returned to the country after fighting for terror organisations in Syria and Iraq.

Lund County, in south Sweden, is now considering giving the jihadi defectors incentives to reintegrate into society.

The mooted benefits are housing grants, help to re-enter the workforce and free driving licenses.

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Update: Jihadi rehab: Swedish city plans free driver’s license, housing & tax perks for returning fighters (RT)

WNU Editor: I doubt that giving returning jihadists drivers licenses, free housing, and not paying taxes is going to make them change the ideology and religion that they believe in and are willing to die for. But .... it appears that in Sweden this approach makes a lot of sense.


Anonymous said...

Just give them bombs and bullets to blow you up

fazman said...

Idiot who thought this up should be the first to die😠

fazman said...

Idiot who thought this up should be the first to die😠

Aizino Smith said...

Once the grants are used up and life bounces back to normal, what do Former ISIS fighters do?

Say oh well?