Sunday, October 30, 2016

Taliban Gain Ground As Regular Afghan Soldiers Are Now Surrendering Their Posts

Afghan National Army commandos load ammunition into their rifle magazines during an ongoing battle against Taliban militants, in Helmand province, on October 10, 2016 ©Noor Mohammad (AFP/File)

New York Times: Taliban Gain Ground in Afghanistan as Soldiers Surrender Their Posts

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — Besieged Afghan officials in the southern province of Oruzgan said on Sunday that scores of regular Afghan soldiers had surrendered in the past week to the Taliban, a trend also occurring recently in other provinces.

The latest case involved 41 Afghan National Army soldiers who surrendered turned their base, the Mashal Base in Chora District, over to the insurgents on Saturday night, according to Dost Mohammad Nayab, the spokesman for the province’s governor.

He said it was the third Afghan army post in the province to surrender to the Taliban in the past week, amid reports of significant surrenders in Kunduz and Helmand Provinces as well.

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