Monday, October 3, 2016

Taliban Have Launched A Major Assault On The Afghan City Of Kunduz. There Are Now Claims That The City Has Fallen

Reuters: Taliban fighters enter northern Afghan city of Kunduz

Taliban fighters pushed into the center of the northern Afghan city of Kunduz on Monday, taking control of the central intersection where they raised their flag a year ago in their biggest success of the 15-year-old conflict.

Witnesses and police said the insurgents, who entered the city in the early hours, were attacking the governor's compound and police headquarters, while some officials were seen fleeing to the airport.

With fighting also intensifying in the strategic southern province of Helmand, the attack on Kunduz, a day before a major international donors' conference in Brussels, underlined Afghanistan's precarious security situation and the Taliban's ability to strike important targets.

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WNU Editor: There are now claims that the city has fallen .... Afghan Taliban ‘seizes control of central Kunduz’ (France 24).

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Update: I have trouble believing this .... Petraeus: Special Forces fighting Taliban in Kunduz (The Hill).

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