Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Taliban Post Details On A Recent Ambush That Massacred A Battalion Of Retreating Afghan Troops In Helmand Province

Long War Journal

Long War Journal: Taliban details deadly ambush of Afghan military convoy

The Taliban has documented the aftermath of last week’s ambush on Afghan security personnel on the outskirts the provincial capital of Helmand which resulted in scores of troops killed and dozens more captured. The Taliban released a video today that details the deadly ambush near Lashkar Gah, which underscores the deteriorating security situation in the province.

The ambush, which took place on Oct. 11 in Basharan near Lashkar Gah, was previously described by both the Taliban and The New York Times. The Taliban reportedly ambushed a large convoy of Afghan troops after negotiating their safe passage from their base. A contingent of more than 300 Afghan troops were besieged by the Taliban. According to the Taliban, 69 Afghan security personnel were killed, 33 more were wounded and subsequently captured, and 125 surrendered. The Times later reported that between 100 and 200 Afghan security personnel were killed.

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WNU Editor: Make no mistake about it .... the Taliban are showing a new confidence in their war against the Afghan government and its foreign allies.

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