Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The Battle For The Afghan City Of Kunduz Rages For The Second Day

NYT: Afghan Forces Push Taliban Out of Kunduz Center, Officials Say

KABUL, Afghanistan — Afghan officials said on Tuesday that their commando forces had reclaimed the main city square in Kunduz from the Taliban and were making gains elsewhere in the vital provincial capital, where the insurgents overran central neighborhoods on Monday.

Residents and local police officers reached by telephone said that clashes were continuing, with the insurgents focusing on the police headquarters and the governor’s compound.

Ahmad Javed Salim, a spokesman for the Afghan Army special forces in Kunduz, said a small team of American forces was on the ground near the governor’s compound to guide airstrikes if necessary.

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WNU Editor: I agree .... do not believe what the officials are saying .... Press reports contradict Resolute Support’s claim that Kunduz is under ‘ANDSF control’ (Threat Matrix).

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