Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates October 18, 2016

Washington Post: Tough resistance from Islamic State slows Iraqi advance on Mosul

KHAZIR, Iraq — Iraqi Kurdish forces advancing toward the northern city of Mosul paused Tuesday on the second day of a long-awaited offensive after the Islamic State mounted tough resistance in villages east of the strategic city.

The front lines were largely quiet after fierce fighting as Kurdish forces pushed to retake a string of villages on the edge of their territory and turn them into new footholds closer to Mosul. The city is the last main stronghold for the Islamic State in Iraq and represents a critical showdown for both sides.

However, the Iraqi military made some gains. The army's 9th Division broke into the district of Hamdaniya, also on the eastern front, closing in on the Christian town of Qaraqosh, commanders said.

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WNU Editor: The U.S. is denying reports that the offensive has stalled .... Offensive on Mosul Has Not 'Stalled,' Says Pentagon Spokesperson (ABC News). What's my take .... since yesterday I have seen seen some graphic videos (including this ABC report) on how messy and bloody the fight has become in Mosul, and that the Islamic State is not going to give up the city without a fight.

The Battle For The Iraqi City Of Mosul -- News Updates October 18, 2016

At the Mosul Front: Traps, Smoke Screens and Suicide Bombers -- New York Times
Explosives, booby traps slow down Mosul offensive -- Al Jazeera
ISIS using civilians as human shields in battle over Mosul -- NYP/Reuters
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Mosul offensive: Retaking city will take 2 months, says Peshmerga general -- CNN
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Battle for Mosul Tests Obama Strategy to Shift Fight’s Burden From U.S. -- NYT
In Mosul, Residents Report New Terrors as Iraqi Forces Near -- NYT/AP
Iraq not ready to cope with humanitarian fallout from Mosul battle, aid groups say -- ABC News Online
UN: No Large Displacement of Mosul Residents Yet -- VOA

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