Wednesday, October 12, 2016

The Islamic State Is Now Using Exploding Drones


New York Times: Pentagon Confronts a New Threat From ISIS: Exploding Drones

WASHINGTON — Kurdish forces fighting the Islamic State in northern Iraq last week shot down a small drone the size of a model airplane. They believed it was like the dozens of drones the terrorist organization had been flying for reconnaissance in the area, and they transported it back to their outpost to examine it.

But as they were taking it apart, it blew up, killing two Kurdish fighters in what is believed to be one of the first times the Islamic State has successfully used a drone with explosives to kill troops on the battlefield.

In the last month, the Islamic State has tried to use small drones to launch attacks at least two other times, prompting American commanders in Iraq to issue a warning to forces fighting the group to treat any type of small flying aircraft as a potential explosive device.

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Hans Persson said...

There are months old videos on liveleak where these "rebles" show attacks like this, from the drones view down. You get to see how they seek and find persons and then release a small bomb that detonates below, among those persons.
From what one could see they didnt harm anything, just confusing the people down there.

Romilda Gareth said...


Julie Smith said...

WOW! This is really some bad news... Can they actually use small drones like these: to put a bomb in it? Is something like that even possible?!

Hans Persson said...

No. The drones are those bigger commercial ones.