Monday, October 24, 2016

Top Kremlin Insider Hopes For Better U.S. - Russian Relations From The Next U.S. President

Sergey Ivanov. © Alexander Shalgin/Russian State Duma press-service/TASS

TASS: Sergey Ivanov: Russia is ready to open new page in relations with U.S. after elections

Ex-chief of the Kremlin administration said Russia’s leadership had been "insulted" by anti-Russian rhetoric in the course of the U.S. election campaign, but hoped for American pragmatism to prevail

MOSCOW, October 24. /TASS/. Ex-chief of the Kremlin administration, the Russian president’s special representative for environmental protection, ecology and transport Sergey Ivanov said Russia is ready to build new relations with the United States after the November 8 presidential elections.

"We are always ready for real politik," Ivanov told The Financial Times in an interview. "We are prepared for that. We just have to wait until the end of the election campaign. We have to wait a couple more weeks, we just have to be patient."

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WNU Editor: I think Sergey Ivanov is too optimistic on future U.S. - Russian relations. U.S. polls are indicating a Clinton Presidential win, and she has not been a fan of Putin and his government for a very long time. On a side note, there has been numerous Western media reports that Putin wants to merge all of Russia's intelligence services under one umbrella are untrue, but Sergey Ivanov  is the first top Kremlin official to deny that such a shakeup is planned (Sergey Ivanov currently sits on the board that overseas Russia's intellgience services) .... High-ranking Kremlin official dismisses media report of planned ‘KGB revival’ (RT).

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