Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Top U.S. General In Afghanistan Blames The Country's Leaders For Rising Afghan Military Deaths

US General John Nicholson said poor leadership among Afghan military forces, pictured in a police vehicle October 4, 2016, have led to a higher-than-necessary casualty rate. AFP

AFP: Shoddy leaders contribute to rising Afghan military deaths: US general

Basic leadership failures in many Afghan police and military units are helping drive casualty rates to ever-higher levels, the top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan warned Sunday.

Afghan forces are nearing the end of their second year providing security across their war-torn country, after NATO moved into an advisory and training role, and the toll on the local forces has been devastating.

An estimated 5,000 were killed in 2015, primarily in fights with a resurgent Taliban, and another 15,000 were injured.

US Army General John Nicholson said this year promises to be worse still.

"We are very concerned about the casualty rate ... This year has been the same, or slightly higher, depending on the unit and region," he told reporters.

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