Thursday, October 13, 2016

Turkey Raises Fears Of A U.S. - Russia War

Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) talks during a joint news conference with his Turkish counterpart Tayyip Erdogan following their meeting in Istanbul, Turkey, October 10, 2016. © Osman Orsal / Reuters

The Independent: US and Russia 'will go to war' unless proxy Syria conflict resolved, Turkey warns

The Cold War superpowers broke off biltateral talks on Syria following the bombing of a UN aid convoy near Aleppo last month which the US said amounted to a 'war crime'.

Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Numan KurtulmuĊŸ has warned that the “proxy wars” in the Middle East between the US and Russia could signal the reemergence of world-wide conflict between the two Cold War superpowers.

The complex five-and-a-half-year long Syrian civil war is on the brink of becoming a “wider regional war,” he said in an interview with state-run Anadolou News Agency on Wednesday.

“If this proxy war continues, after this, let me be clear, America and Russia will come to a point of war,” Mr KurtulmuĊŸ said.

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Update #1: Turkey 'fears Russia-US war' over Syria (AFP)
Update #2: Russia & US will engage in ‘global war’, unless ‘proxy’ Syria conflict resolved – Turkey’s deputy PM (RT)

WNU Editor: Turkey is not the only country that is worried about the possibility of a U.S. - Russian war.

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