Friday, October 28, 2016

Tweet For Today

WNU Editor: Is this something to brag about?


Alex said...

I can't imagine a president having the time to review 872 cases in any significant way. I don't know anything about these sentences/convictions, but it seems like a subversion of the law for the president to be able to commute sentences at all...

RRH said...

The Frankenstein Monster that is the Republican base is "prepping" for Civil War Part II.

Anonymous said...

More Voters for Killary!

Aizino Smith said...

The boy POTUS will have killed more black people than the Klan did in a 100 years.

After Freddie Gray 50% more black people die in Baltimore each year.

"Git-R-Done" - Obama

Aizino Smith said...


My ancestors fought for the Union and voted Republican.

What the fuck are you talking about meathead?

B.Poster said...


Very respectfully you don't live in America. As I recall you are from Canada. If you did, I think you would recognize media messaging for what it is.

HRC and her media allies have been breathlessly claiming for weeks if not months now that team Trump and his supporters would not accept the results of the election. Unfortunately the candidate walked right into their trap during the debate. I could have very easily handled that question much better myself. The truth is even if he chooses not to accept any results that are not favorable to him unless chicanery is so obvious that even a three old can spot it he will have ZERO support from his team, ZERO support from the RNC, virtually ZERO support from the American people, and no law firm would want to touch it with a 1,000 foot poll as they don't want to face the relentless attacks that would emanate from the media and the government that would result from taking on such a case.

Since the Republican "base" is not going to engage in any kind of "Civil War" nor could they even if they wanted to as their interests and goals are in many cases so wildly contradictory they could not even be brought together in any kind of coherent fashion even if someone had the time, money, or organization to actually do it, why as a certain play writer named Shakespeare once put it does "thou doest protest much" about such things team HRC and her media supporters are? Could they being laying the groundwork to protest themselves should the election not turn out as it appears it will? If they lose, they could move to declare the election null and void handing the presidency to HRC while citing the polls that show her with a relatively commanding lead and blaming "foreign influence" for undermining the electoral result. By breathlessly claiming that DJT supporters are not going to accept the electoral result it will then make it easier for the media to discredit him and his team should they protest.

Unless something radically changes we will probably never "know" if this was the plan all along as it appears she will cruise to victory relatively easily. Operative word "appears" as when DJT got the nomination no one believed he would be able to keep it as close as he has against HRC.

The bad news for the elites is assuming the Republic can survive the rule of HRC and whoever succeeds her when she ultimately has to step down or her health issues kill her in office is the next electoral cycle for POTUS will likely include at least 10 candidates with positions very similar to DJT and perhaps without some of the onerous qualities he clearly possesses. These elites will lose their power. The only questions for them are will it be a "soft landing" or a "hard landing" for them.

In fact, for the most part it seems team DJT has already conceded. Some the team members are talking about a "movement." In my experience, when people start doing that they are conceding the current round is lost.

If the scenario I mention above happens (unlikely as it is), I doubt team Trump has the resources or the organization to challenge it but it would be interesting in a very, very ugly way. HRC could still lose. This is a very arrogant, psychotic, and downright stupid person at this point. Her own stupidity combined with arrogance could do her in.

Aizino Smith said...

Hillary is such a lovable candidate.

She is deep enough in the sauce at 3 PM in the afternoon that her staff is concerned she might not sober up enough for evening events.

The woman has thyroid problems, edema of the ankles (thus the "CANKLES" epithet) symptomatic of serious problem, and a serious head injury (the blue glasses & the Podesta email attesting to the fact).

Yet, RRH and Farker would give their left & right nuts to vote for her as she is the Leftwing candidate in the U.S. president race.

Sure Trump is overweight. We have seen the naked Trump statues. What would an naked Hillary stature look like?

Let's compare a naked Trump statue and Hillary statue and compare which is worse. LEFTards have already mass produced Trump statues.

If we made a naked Hillary statue, RRH and Farker would do to it what was done to the Mayor Washington painting.

Jay Farquharson said...


Obama's mostly commuted pot sentences, before pot was legal.

I'm looking forward to the open gunfights on Nov.8th.

Nasty Women Against Groping has driven US gunsales up 24%.

Aizino Smith said...

"Obama's mostly commuted pot sentences, before pot was legal."

1) FDR did not commute alcohol sentences after Prohibition was repealed for the smugglers and distributors.

2) I find quite a bit of literature for how bad marijuana is.

"I'm looking forward to the open gunfights on Nov.8th."

1) If the Left loses I expect if it outright riots on the 8th and 9th I do expect violence from the Left.

I also expect notables and 'honorables' to pay for it and order it. Robert Creamer did not visit the White House 300+ times, meet with Obama 40+ times, and organize vote fraud or violence, because all he and Obama wanted was entertainment for shits and giggles. All Farker wants is shits and giggles, but he is a very special kind of person. I also expect some violence, whether it is paid for or not.

"Nasty Women Against Groping has driven US gunsales up 24%."
The woman on the plane has been proven to be a liar. The man across the aisle, who she talked about, has come forward and supports Trumps version of events. It is no longer he said she said. From another woman Trump has an email disproving her point. She said she has an email from a week later saying how upset she was, but of course she will never be able to prove it, because it does not exist.

The LEFTIST scum, who break records keeping laws like the complete asswipes, never 'thunk' that someone would actually archive emails. Not one of the bright happy smart people and in the drunken master, Hillary, campaign nor Trumps accusers 'thunk' it.

Employees in the Fortune 100 companies and federal government take annual refresher courses in records keeping laws of the U.S.. I guess ruling class Leftists do not think it pertains to them or they are too stupid to understand the implications.

Farker being a lefTARD does not understand that 3% of all records end up in the National Archives. He is too busy LHAO like a jackwagon or a hyena.

It makes you wonder how many of drunken master's emails will end up in the National Archives.