Wednesday, October 19, 2016

U.S. Aircraft Carriers Now Have Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes

CAT being launched from a supercarrier. USN

The Drive: The Navy Is Quietly Arming Its Supercarriers With Anti-Torpedo Torpedoes

The growing threat of submarine attacks on US carriers is being partially addressed by a close-in weapons system that shoots back at incoming torpedoes.

The danger posed to Navy surface combatants by submarines is rapidly expanding around the globe. Spurred by leaps in Air Independent Propulsion technologies, even small and relatively inexpensive AIP equipped diesel-electric subs can be as quiet their nuclear counterparts and still stay submerged for weeks at a time. The proliferation of this technology–as well as expanding fleets of Chinese and Russian fast attack nuclear submarines–have made America’s nuclear supercarriers vulnerable to attack despite a multi-layered defensive umbrella.

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WNU Editor: I am curious to know if Russia and China have this weapon system for their own carriers.

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Aizino Smith said...

No thanks to certain extremely FUCKED UP CANADIANS!.

Of course America has the same type of shitheads in SAN FRAN SICKO!

Maybe they swap spit?