Monday, October 24, 2016

U.S. Mission Creep In Iraq

Forbes: The U.S. Military's Gradual Return To Iraq [Infographic]

In late September, President Obama authorized sending 600 additional U.S. troops to Iraq to assist local forces in the offensive to retake the city of Mosul. After ISIS overran much of northern and western Iraq in 2014, the Pentagon rushed 300 troops to defend Baghdad. In the months since, the U.S. has continued to quietly expand its presence in the country with troop levels reaching 2,500 by January 2015.

According to the Pentagon, the majority of the troops have been training and advising Iraqi security forces and Kurdish peshmerga forces. Even though local forces are carrying out the bulk of combat operations, American special forces have been active in the country since ISIS conducted its lighting advance two years ago. As early as October 2014, a contingent of Apache attack helicopters started conducting offensive operations near Fallujah. By the summer of 2015, American artillery was operating on the ground with the number of military personnel in the country reaching 3,400.

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WNU Editor: I expect these numbers to continue to increase in the coming months.


Aizino Smith said...

So the Halfrican with the 'crease in his pants', who is 'clean and articulate' has done what exactly?

For a brief moment the Halfrican got U.S. troops pout of Iraq to turn over the country to the Iranians.

What can that idiot Halfrican do? Bless the Rains in Halfrica?

Obama inherited the worst of 2 worlds and he certainly shows it.

Jac said...

Crazy. What it is going in the brain of our President? I am very sorry for him, because all these mistakes will on his legacy.

Anonymous said...

Deservedly. He built that.

Jay Farquharson said...


The 101st Fighting Keyboards, the "Old Deplorables Regiment", "Vere Damnati Sumus, Ignoratio Est Felictitus!",

Is upset downthread, because Obama won't okay sending Tanks, Javelins, SAM, MANPDs, Ballistic missiles and tactical nukes to the CIA/Turkish/Saudi/GCC "moderate" ISIS and al Quida in Syria,

And is upset because upthread, Obama's had to put "boots on the ground" to backstop Iraqi Forces against the CIA/Turkish/Saudi/GCC backed ISIS and al Quida in Iraq.


Aizino Smith said...

There are the Wikileaks emails at one end of the spectrum and at the other end we have REMF and pogue JabberJay

Jay Farquharson said...