Monday, October 31, 2016

U.S. Special Forces Impatient With Their British SAS Counterparts Who Double Check Every Order Due To Fears Of War Crime Charges


Daily Mail: British SAS soldiers are so worried about being prosecuted for war crimes they are being left behind on key missions by their gung-ho US colleagues

* British forces are going on fewer key missions with American counterparts
* Fear of prosecution means they checking and double checking orders
* Americans are impatient over delays but Brits are too worried after hearing of prosecution against their colleagues over 2003 mission in Iraq

Britain's Special Forces are being left behind by their American counterparts on key missions against Islamic State terrorists, because they are so scared of being prosecuted.

According to the Sunday Express, British forces are feeling increasingly reticent about missions after several SAS officers were told they are being investigated over operations in Iraq.

A source told the Sunday paper: 'The Americans are seeing a reticence that did not exist before. We have always stayed within the box, but we used to work things out as we went along.

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Update #1: Elite SAS soldiers ‘ditched by their US counterparts during ISIS strike missions due to fears of trumped up war crimes charges’ (The SUN)
Update #2: US special forces ‘impatient’ with SAS ‘double checking orders’ over war crimes fears (RT).

WNU Editor: I guess there will be no more joint missions between the two.


fazman said...

Theres a reason why the aust and british sas are more highly regarded and deemed more combact effective than their u.s counterparts and it has nothing to do with fears of war crime investigations.

fazman said...
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Anonymous said...

Can't fight a war with ur hands tied, but us sof has done so effectively and under international/domestic scrutiny for many years.