Thursday, October 6, 2016

Will President Obama Launch A Preemptive Military Strike On North Korea?

A U.S. air force B-2 Spirit stealth bomber (L) flies over Pyeongtaek, south of Seoul March 28, 2013. REUTERS/Sin Young-keun/Yonhap

Korea Times(YonHap): Is US preparing preemptive strike on North Korea?

South Korea has had no discussions whatsoever with the United States about a preemptive strike on North Korea, Seoul's ambassador to Washington said.

Amb. Ahn Ho-young made the remark during a parliamentary audit of his embassy on Saturday as talk of removing North Korea's nuclear facilities through a military strike has surfaced in the U.S. in the wake of Pyongyang's fifth nuclear test.

"We've had no such discussions at least here in Washington," Ahn said during the audit held at the embassy. "We've never received a request from the U.S. government for discussions about a preemptive strike."

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WNU Editor: That would be a nice gift to the next U.S. President .... President Obama ordering a preemptive strike on North Korea that will result in a war that would make the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria puny in comparison. But I think the South Korean ambassador is right .... there are no discussions about a preemptive strike because there are really no plans/desire/motivation/or reasons at this moment in time to prepare for such conflict.


Bob Huntley said...

From the Vietnam war days. A preemptive retaliatory strike.

B.Poster said...

Preemptive military strike on North Korea?!!? In a military conflict between the two Koreas with or without America involved, South Korea has little to no chance of winning such a conflict.

Furthermore if America is involved the US mainland will be attacked either by North Korea directly, their agents operating in the US, or their allies. As such, 10s of millions of Americans would die )best case scenario) in a war that ultimately cannot be won.

I'm pretty sure the South Koreans are aware of this and are acting accordingly. The best that can realistically be done is a defense policy on the part of South Korea that will make the inevitable victory by North Korea pyric enough for them that they would not consider the attack in the first place.

Additionally North Korea understands that in any conflict should America be involved they, their agents operating in America, or their allies will attack the Us mainland killing 10s of millions of Americans very quickly. Should America use nuclear weapons in defense of South Korea this will lead to an in kind response on the part of North Korea or its allies against the American mainland. As such, America is not going to use nuclear weapons against North Korea nor will it sacrifice its sons and daughters to defend a nation thousands of miles away whose interests and their diverge wildly.

Surely South Korean and North Korean leaders are aware of all of this. While America would not use its nuclear arsenal in defense of South Korea for obvious reasons nor should any reasonable South Korean expect this from America, South Korea would be expected to use its nuclear arsenal in its own defense. As I've stated here and elsewhere numerous times, South Korea should become nuclear armed as soon as possible.

If America is to help South Korea and such help is desired, this would be the best thing we could do for them. Help them to develop their own nuclear arsenal. This would accomplish at least two things. 1.)It would allow America a face saving redeployment of forces away from South Korea to positions that make sense for our national security needs. 2.) It would put a check on North Korea and its allies. They would know that south Korea is now capable of defeating them or at least making a war with them extremely costly. In other words, they would not be able to act with impunity knowing there will be no negative consequences to them as they currently can and do.

fazman said...

The u.s has had 20 years to plan for this, infact bill called it off at the last minute.
Nth korea would lose very quickly and china would accept the status quo

Jay Farquharson said...

While the NORK's would lose, they wouldn't lose "quickly", and there wouldn't be much left of South Korea.