Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Would The Fall Of Mosul Mean The End Of The Islamic State 'Caliphate' In Iraq

NBC: Fall of Mosul Would Mean End of ISIS 'Caliphate' in Iraq: U.S. General

Qayyarah Airbase, South of Mosul, Iraq — The American ground force commander in Iraq, Maj. Gen. Gary Volesky, said U.S.-backed Iraqi forces have momentum on their side in the battle to drive ISIS out of its Iraq stronghold, the northern city of Mosul.

Volesky, speaking to NBC News in his first interview since the Mosul offensive began earlier this week, expressed confidence that the terror group will lose Mosul and with it, its caliphate, or Islamic state, in Iraq.

"ISIS has said, this is the crown jewel of Iraq and its idea of a caliphate," Volesky said. "There's not going to be a caliphate, if there ever really was one. So for ISIL, this is going to be a key loss for them and it will be a loss"

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WNU Editor: If Mosul falls, this is what the Islamic State is probably going to do .... After the Battle for Mosul, Get Ready for the Islamic State to Go Underground (Patrick Ryan and Patrick Johnson, War on the Rocks).

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