Monday, November 7, 2016

6 Elite U.S. Green Berets Were Lost In A 72-Hour-Span Last Week

During a Fallen Soldier Ceremony at Ramstein Air Base, Germany, one of the flag draped coffins (not shown) containing the remains of one of 6 coalition soldiers, killed in Kuwait during a training exercise March 12 2001, is rendered a salute from a formation of Army Green Berets, as it is carried off a C-17 Globemaster III aircraft (not shown) for transportation to the Landstuhl Regional Medical center for identification. Wikipedia

Business Insider: The US lost 6 elite Green Berets in a 72-hour-span last week

The Special Forces community is coping with the deaths of six of its elite operators in just a 72-hour span last week.

Separate combat incidents in Afghanistan and Jordan resulted in the deaths of five Green Berets, while another died during scuba training at the Special Forces diving school in Florida.

"They are in dark corners of the world and even their training is very dangerous," Jen Paquette, the executive director of the Green Beret Foundation, wrote on Facebook.

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WNU Editor: Our prayers are with their families and loved ones.

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