Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A Guide To Today's U.S. Presidential Election

Zero Hedge: Your Complete Guide To Election Day And Night: What To Watch For And When

It's almost over: the most divisive, theatrical, dramatic and dirty presidential campaign will be in the history books by this time tomorrow, with more than 130 million Americans expected to cast ballots across 50 states. However, just winning the popular vote will be insufficient: indeed, it may well be that the popular-vote winner does not win the electoral college.

So which states should one be looking at, and how long is the final day's drama set to continue?

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A Guide To Today's U.S. Presidenital Election

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fred lapides said...

I wait now to see how the GOP confronts its future. After the loss in the last presidential election, the leaders held a retreat, new what was needed. Then promptly ignored it. They need minority support but in doing so, fear losing base. what to do?