Monday, November 7, 2016

Afghan Governor Pleads For Help As Soldiers Defect To The Taliban

ABC News Online: Afghan Governor pleads for Australian help as soldiers defect to Taliban

The Governor of Uruzgan — the Afghan province where Australia's training and reconstruction effort was centred — says soldiers there are defecting to the Taliban.

Desperate officials said they would welcome Australian forces back.

Since September, Tarin Kot, the dusty home for Australia's soldiers and reconstruction teams until late 2014 has been menaced, Uruzgan's Provincial Governor Mohammad Nazir Kharoti said.

"The Taliban was coming very close to the city, I can say a kilometre, to two kilometres in some sites," he said.

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WNU Editor: This defeat was a heads-up that something is going wrong for the Afghan government .... Taliban overruns military base in Uruzgan (Threats Matrix).


TWN said...

Afghan soldiers defecting and deserting, gee I wonder if any of the brilliant think tank types, ever looked at how the Afghan army collapsed after the Soviets left, and if they did, did they expect a different result, to quote Bugs Bunny"what a Maroon,what a Maroon". Disgraceful totally disgraceful our so called leaders are.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Afghan Army did not collapse after the Soviet withdrawl.

Instead, many Afghan Army units, during the Soviet period, joined the Muj as intact units, other's, became their own "faction" under their Commanders who turned Warlord. After the fall of Kabul, what remained of the Afghan Army split three ways, some joined Masood, some Dostum and some joined Khan.

The Afghan Army's key problem is the same one that effects most Western Proxy Army's, most of the Soldiers, NCO's and Officers are there for a paycheque and the power. Unlike their fellow countrymen, the Talib, they are not fighting for any ideals or ideology.