Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Another European Country Elects A Pro-Russian Government

BBC: Pro-Moscow figure Igor Dodon claims Moldova presidency

Pro-Russian candidate Igor Dodon has won the second round of Moldova's presidential election.

With almost all the ballots counted, Mr Dodon, who wants to restore close ties with Russia, had 52.18% of the vote. His rival, pro-European candidate Maia Sandu, polled 47.82%.

The national vote marks the first direct presidential election in Moldova for 20 years.

Since 1996 presidents of Moldova have been chosen by parliament.

The election was seen as a battle between those supporting closer ties with Russia and those wanting integration with the European Union.

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WNU Editor: According to The Economist, these new leaders are not necessarily "pro-Russian" .... The new presidents of Bulgaria and Moldova are less pro-Russian than advertised (The Economist). What's my take .... for 25 years Moldova has been in a conflict with its neighbour Transniestra .... people's patience has run out .... they want a settlement and many now belevie that better relations with Moscow will achieve this.

Update: The new Moldovan President is saying the things that Moscow wants to hear .... Moldovan president-elect says Crimea is 'de facto' Russian territory (Moldova).

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