Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Are Russians Captivated By Trump?

Fred Weir, CSM: Why Russians are so captivated by Trump

HOW PEOPLE THINK Negative feelings toward the US are higher than at any time since scientific polling began in Russia in the mid-1980s. But many see the prospect for a turnaround.

MOSCOW — Nina Moreyeva, a Moscow pensioner, says she followed the recent US presidential election closely, and was totally behind Donald Trump.

She says the main reason for that was simply the fear of war, and her hopes for more peaceful relations. "Hillary Clinton was always against Russia, even when she was speaking to domestic audiences," she says. "I had sympathy for Trump. He has kind eyes in his pictures."

Ms. Moreyeva is not unusual in her intense interest in the US vote, nor in her preference for Mr. Trump. Russians have always been fascinated with the United States, seeing it as the only country in the world that they will compare themselves with. Their attitudes toward it have swung over the decades between uncritical love and bitter hatred. Right now, negative feelings are higher than at any time since scientific polling began in Russia in the mid-1980s, but the hopes aroused by Trump's election rhetoric about better relations with Russia could turn that around.

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WNU Editor: President-elect Trump presents himself in a manner that is completely opposite from President Obama. Coupled this with the fact that Trump is rich, successful, and embodies a culture of wealth and privilege that many Russians can only dream about (and wish to emulate) .... makes him a U.S. President that many are interested in .... including Russian President Putin. How long will this infatuation last? .... I do not know. But differences are going to arise .... and the disappointments will probably start to occur within weeks after the U.S. Presidential inauguration.

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