Monday, November 28, 2016

Canada's Top General Admits That The Military Is Facing A Sexual Assault Crisis

CBC: 960 regular force military members reported sexual assault in the past year, StatsCan survey finds

Gen. Jonathan Vance calls report of incidents after launch of Operation Honour 'regrettably' sobering

Canada's top soldier is vowing to punish or expel all abusive perpetrators from the military in the wake of a new survey by Statistics Canada that found 960 full-time members, or some 1.7 per cent of the regular force, reported sexual assault in the past year.

Responding to the StatsCan survey, Gen. Jonathan Vance said he is "extremely disappointed" that members have defied his explicit commands under Operation Honour.

"My orders were clear, my expectations were clear," said Vance, chief of the defence staff, calling the survey results "regrettably" sobering.

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RRH said...

This is not new news for folks in the CF.

Aizino Smith said...

They let anyone in to the CF.

TWN said...

This is not PC but Men have to be kept away from women, it's nature they can't help it. I saw it every where I served or worked where there were women, a % of guys just can't help themselves. Having said this there are men that can control themselves but a certain % cant and it's a large %, so men and women have to be kept separate to protect these women. The PC crowd don't understand how dangerous it is to mix genders.

Jay Farquharson said...

" The PC crowd don't understand how dangerous it is to mix genders."


TWN approves of the Saudi rules for genders.

The CAF's "problems with sexual assault", ar the same as the RCMP's. Rather than bringing in education, effective reporting and codeified disipline, they blamed the victim, engaged in cover ups, promoted and tolerated rapists.

Of the 960 reported sexual assaults, 238 are reported cases of a male superior, or groups of other males, sexually assaulting another male.

Sexual assault is not about sex, it's about using humiliating sexualized violence to attack and dominate the victim.

Aizino Smith said...

Way to see it about black and white Jay

When I read a story about a married man in Denver who raped a woman, I thought the feminists were right. They say it is about power.

It can be a bout power, but sometimes it is about sex too.

I remember a cop, who was runout of the force for being a peeping tom and some other stuff (He kept getting worse & worse.). His wife was a fat pig.

Things can have multiple causes.

Maybe the guy is just screwed up from his teen years or earlier like that Canadian Air Force base commander, who sits in jail.

Aizino Smith said...

TWN might have something.

I was reading a science article that said were are not that different than animals and that we are not as superior or special as we might think.

If we are only twice as good and you can't trust the best hunting dog...

TWN said...

The Canadian Forces have Education, they have had Sensitivity Training for those that show Racist or Sexist tenancies, it's been in place for 20 years or more, the RCMP the same, the problem is it isn't working so what is the solution, if the education is not working what do we do?

Aizino Smith said...

Well you tried the Lefty way.

Aizino Smith said...

On another note continue the training, maybe scale it back a bit and get rid of the worst excess of Leftist indoctrination.

Up the penalties.

We have training in alcohol abuse for many years. Still I know an E2 from a good family that drank to excess broke 1/2 dozen traffic laws and left is policeman's wife fighting for her life.. If policeman form a 'different' jurisdiction had not intervened, the perp's head would have met the pavement more than the once it did when he was ejected from the car.

What did the service do? Adsep with a BCD and let the civil authorities take care of it. There was really no pain up front and for all to see.