Saturday, November 19, 2016

Chinese Drones Spotted At Saudi Airbase Near The Yemen Border

Center For The Study Of The Drone: Drone Bases Updates

Sharurah, Saudi Arabia

A satellite image from October 31, 2016 shows that multiple strike drones have been deployed to Sharurah Regional Airport in Najran Province, Saudi Arabia, near the border with Yemen. The image, which was accessed on Google Earth, shows three Chinese-made CAIG Wing Loong (also known as Pterodactyl) medium-altitude long-endurance surveillance and strike drones. The image also shows multiple manned aircraft and, as well as new construction to accommodate the increased military presence. The drones likely belong to the Saudi military, although the United Arab Emirates also flies the Wing Loong and is suspected of operating drones from Saudi air bases. The number of Wing Loong drones in the image suggests that the Chinese-made drones are playing a larger role in the Saudi-led air campaign over Yemen than previously believed.

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WNU Editor: This deployment of Chinese drones makes one wonder on how deep is Chinese - Saudi military cooperation.


Aizino Smith said...

China gets hands on experience using their drones. Exercises are very good but when there is real skin in the game, you pay more attention.

Plus China and Saudi are going down the road of allying by scratching each others backs.

Will Fark, RRH and other liberals complain as much about Chinese-Saudi relations as they do American-Saudi relations or will we hear ?

Aizino Smith said...

...hear ( crickets ) ?

RRH said...

I prefer to complain about Canada_Saudi relations.

The thing you and liberals have in common is you like to bitch about 'em out of one side of your mouts while s---ing them off for money with the other.

Then there's the whole autographed portrait of Prince Bandar Bush on your night stand thing... God you Alt righties are f'n weird.

Aizino Smith said...

As much as you complain about American, conservatives and non-libs, America is forever on your mind and on the tip of your tongue.