Wednesday, November 9, 2016

CNN Commentator: 'This Was A White-Lash Against A Changing Country'

WNU Editor: If this is the excuse that Democrats are going to use to explain why they lost last night's election .... they will be forever losing future elections. Watching last night's Democrat reaction .... and the anger that is now coming out .... it looks like the war against President-elect Donald Trump is beginning .... and it looks like that they will be using the popular vote total and issues like race as one of their many tools in the coming months to make his victory and his mandate illegitimate. Is this smart politics .... no. But if Van Jones comments last night are any indication .... it is now just starting.


C-Low said...

Agree. The dems are making the fatal mistake of believing their own rhetoric. Very simply they think this election was about racist white people or misogyny or some such variation of BS.

The reality is that the middle class in America the working man/woman white black green purple has been under assault with 0 representation for decades. Huge international companies and greedy stock industry has been driving the US industry off shore with their freetrade BS from the republicans while the dems and their socialist dreams have regulated/taxed whatever is left into unsustainable. Trump was the first candidate that spoke to this demo since Perot. That is why he won.

Now get ready because with a repub house/senate, strong capable executive with balls and the gift of gab willing to go straight to the people to force his ideas onto the establishment, it will be full speed ahead in the first 100days. I predict that by the end of his term 4yrs we will start seeing the fruits. Deregulation, support for industry, renegotiate trade policy for America first prospective, tax reform, cutting/auditing fed gov, etc.... Those ideas work our economy will pop and Trump will have earned his name in the history books. MAGA

RRH said...

This is certainly closer to the truth.

B.Poster said...


You may be right. He has correctly diagnosed the issues. In order for a solution, a correct diagnosis is needed. Hopefully he can pull this off for the good of the country. In contrast, HRC is completely clueless.

For example, deruglation coupled with increased fracking I could see the United States possibly becoming the go to country in the world for oil. This would give us awesome leverage when dealing with adversaries and potential adversaries.

War News Updates Editor said...

Thank you for the link RRH.
An interesting post .... but I do not think Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren would have stopped Donald Trump on election night, and they would certainly not have appealed to those who voted for Trump.

Anonymous said...

Easy tell your children that had Hillary presided over the WHITE HOUSE
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Ropestuff said...

Until so much ground water is polluted beyond salvage that millions of people can no longer use their wells. We're going to have a very tough 4 years together. Sympathetic that you all had to put up with Obama for 8 years, but trust me, we'll be plenty miserable for the next 4.

Anonymous said...

Definitely not a "Whitelash", shocked that Motherjones would admit it, but of course the article was buried shortly there after.