Sunday, November 27, 2016

French Conservative Candidate Francois Fillon On Course To Be France's Next President

New Europe: Fillion is the Presidential candidate of les Républicains

François Fillon secured the nomination of the French center-right les Républicains party on Sunday; his victory over Alain Juppé was expected. But the margin of victory was triumphant with a 68,4%- to- 31,6%.

That was not bad for the man running as the “third candidate” last Sunday.

“France can’t bear its decline. It wants the truth, and it wants action,” he said on Sunday evening. More than three million French were engaged in these primaries to elect the Presidential candidate of les Républicains, who pollsters project may also be the next President of France.

The former Prime Minister of the Sarkozy administration (2007-2012) and current Mayor of Bordeaux has all the characteristics of the politically incorrect outsider that storms the world.

He combines an unusual for France public allegiance to Christian values with a program that includes abolishing the 35-hour week and moving to undercut the power of unions. He wears the accusation of being “Thatcherite” as a badge.

However, he is socially conservative and opposes same-sex marriage, opposes abortion, and has been recently accused of misogyny. In the last debate before the election night, he vowed not to touch abortion law in France.

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Jac said...

Francois Fillon is not a "French Thatcher" and far from that.