Friday, November 11, 2016

Hiker On A New York Trail Meets Bill And Hillary Clinton Taking The Same Walk

BBC: Hiker runs into Hillary Clinton on New York trail

Margot Gerster was "heartbroken" by the result of the US election and, to unwind, went on a hike with her daughter and dog through the woods in Chappaqua, New York.

The last person she was expecting to see, presumably doing the same thing, was the woman who lost to Donald Trump just two days earlier.

But that's exactly what happened.

A photo of the hiker standing alongside Hillary Clinton marks the first appearance of the Democratic presidential candidate since her concession speech on Wednesday.

She even said Hillary's husband, Bill, took the photo.

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WNU Editor: That must have been surreal .... you walk in the woods and who do you meet .... someone who was at the center of the world only a few days before .... and now she is alone with her husband. I envy Margot Gerster .... this is an experience that she will never forget.

I personally have had two experiences like this. When I started working for ICAO in Montreal I went to a bar not far from my apartment. It was late Friday night and I was alone with the bartender .... and in walked a former Liberal federal cabinet minister who was out of politics, and was just practising law as best as he could. Being the only people in the bar we started to talk to each other. He was curious about my Russian background .... I was curious about his experience in government. We bought drinks for each other .... and had a good talk that two people in a bar would have. Two months later .... that same man announced he was running for the Liberal party .... a few years later he was Canada's PM. That man is Prime Minister Jean Chretien. I always use Jean Chretien as an example for all those who think they are finished in life .... because he was certainly finished when I talked to him .... but a few years later he was running the country. Yup .... life is a journey that never ends .... things are always changing.

The next man is Boris Yeltsin .... months after he gave power to Putin I met him in Red Square in a snow storm. When I am in Moscow I enjoy taking late night walks, and I always pass through The Square. It was late at night, and there was no one else there. I was walking one way .... he was walking the other way .... and we both turned at the same time looking at each other and wondering if we know who that person is. No words were exchanged .... but it is one of the most unusual and surreal experiences I have ever had .... because it is the last thing that you expect to see .... especially late at night in the middle of a snowstorm.


RussInSoCal said...

Calling BS on this fraud right now. She can't make it 50 steps to her van/ambulance. But we're supposed to believe she's out for a brisk walk in the woods? Totally staged/fake. Like everything else involving the Clintons.

/turns out she already knows the woman she "bumped into".

James said...

It's like the "Dance on the beach" with Bill.

RRH said...

I'm sorry Editor,

but meeting people like Hillary Clinton generally makes me want to barf or spit.

Like when I ran into John "Beeker" Manley at Pearson on my way home from work.

B.Poster said...

I'm a bit skeptical of this. While I'm not sure how things work in Canada or Russia, it'd be impossible for a commoner to have a spontaneous meeting with a former first lady. Every move they make anywhere is going to be highly choreographed with secret service personnel carefully guarding the area. As such, a spontaneous meeting of this type isn't going to be feasible.

It is possible to shake hands with a state governor but these types of things are highly choreographed. You can bump into your House Representative, you may even be able to bump into your state Senator, you can bump into your local mayor at least in the town where I live.

Perhaps the Canadian official you ran into in the bar is comoarable to a representative in the US House. I don't pretend to know without at this point. As to running into Boris Yeltsin, that must have been something!! In America, a former POTUS, VP, First Lady, and all of their families have 24 hour security from the secret service for life making such meetings impossible.

For this to happen, the secret service personnel would have needed to be incompetent beyond imagination. Even a hike for a former first lady is going to be highly organized and the only interactions with the public are going to be tightly controlled.

This had to be staged. Very respectfully there's simply no other way.

Anonymous said...

This is the same couple that used focus groups to chose their vacation destinations. Everything about them is calculated. She wants to show she is healthy enough to run again.....and again.....and......

James said...

"She wants to show she is healthy enough to run again.....and again.....and....." Oh God, another Alf Landon.

War News Updates Editor said...

Hmmmm .... you guys are making a good point. A lot about the Clintons are usually staged.

RRH said...

Bang on B.

The first thing I thought was "where is the secret service?".

James said...

"A lot about the Clintons are usually staged."
They are more staged than Agatha Christie's "Mouse Trap".

RRH said...

James said...

I'm a little cranky with the political scene. I believe you must watch them like a hawk, especially the ones you support (in my case that would be Trump) for they are human and are susceptible to all manner of frailties. And if you support them it is easy to blind yourself to their faults. Of course the alternative would be to have the divine to lead us (and many Clintonites did believe Hillary had achieved that status), but the problem there is how do you remove a god? So we are stuck with imperfect tools to utilize in an imperfect system to govern imperfect beings. Our only shield is vigilance. Now thinking like this makes my head hurt so it's to the "stool of silence".