Saturday, November 12, 2016

Hillary Clinton Blames The F.B.I. Director For Her Election Loss

New York Times: Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director for Election Loss

Hillary Clinton on Saturday cast blame for her surprise election loss on the announcement by the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey, days before the election that he had revived the inquiry into her use of a private email server.

In her most extensive remarks since she conceded the race to Donald J. Trump early Wednesday, Mrs. Clinton told donors on a 30-minute conference call that Mr. Comey’s decision to send a letter to Congress about the inquiry 11 days before Election Day had thrust the controversy back into the news and had prevented her from ending the campaign with an optimistic closing argument.

“There are lots of reasons why an election like this is not successful,” Mrs. Clinton said, according to a donor who relayed the remarks. But, she added, “our analysis is that Comey’s letter raising doubts that were groundless, baseless, proven to be, stopped our momentum.”

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WNU Editor: I said the same thing when both FBI letters were released. The first letter opening the investigation 11 days before the election helped to suppress her vote, and the second letter saying there was nothing there to investigate only helped to motivate Trump voters to vote. There are also other reasons on why she lost .... but it is clear that for Hillary Clinton .... she lost because of the FBI Director.

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TWN said...

Maybe Comey stuck it to it after all. @WNU they way you put it, seem plausible, he new it was Crooked and this was the only way to circumvent the Corrupt DOJ Nasty Lynch.

RussInSoCal said...

Oh hubris of it all. Pathologically so. The reason Hillary Clinton lost is solely and entirely because of Hillary Clinton. The Comey list of Clinton crimes is long and most every one reading this blog knows it pretty well. But true bona fide narcissists are chemically incapable of admitting fault. Especially faults that could result in prison time.

War News Updates Editor said...

This was an election where the two main stars were deeply flawed .... so yes RussInSoCal there are many other reasons on why Hillary Clinton lost .... starting with Hillary Clinton. But in her mind .... and in the mind of her supporters .... they think not, and they are positioning themselves to push this narrative into the next election.

RussInSoCal said...

No disagreement that that is exactly what is going on inside their brains. But it is simply wrong. And provably so. The harder the Clintons dig in on this standpoint, the deeper they will sink.

Mark Twain had an excellent quote that relates to Clinton, Clinton supporters and their mind-set perfectly:

"It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so." -

War News Updates Editor said...

LOL. You gotta love Mark Twain.

fazman said...

She lost because she thinks she lost because of this!!

fazman said...

WBU, any collaboration on the story today about the russian missile killing israeli, turkush, british and u.s officers in Allepo today.?