Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hillary Clinton Is Already Planning A Giant Victory Celebration In Manhattan

Daily Mail: Clinton has already planned a fireworks-filled victory party in Manhattan due to start just 30 minutes after the polls close

* New York Fire Department sent out a memo about victory party on Friday
* Clinton's campaign is planning a display off Javits Center in Manhattan
* Donald Trump is also planning to be in New York City on Election Night

Talk about tempting providence. Hillary Clinton has already organised an Election Night celebration party in New York complete with fireworks which would kick off only 30 minutes after the polls close.

The New York Fire Department and the NYPD have both been notified in advance of plans for a pyrotechnic display launched from a barge in the Hudson, just off Manhattan’s Javits Center next Tuesday night.

The New York Post says the two-minute fireworks display could start as early as 9.30pm local time, only 30 minutes after the polls close in New York and hours before voters cast their final ballots on the West Coast.

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Update: Hillary already planning her giant victory celebration (New York Post)

WNU Editor: I am sure that the Trump team are also planning a victory celebration .... but crying out loud you do not publicise it.

Update: Oh oh .... maybe the Clinton team's expectations of victory are slightly premature .... Weak early voter turnout among African-Americans hurts Clinton in Florida (Politico). More here .... Trends show black early voting lagging in Florida (UPI). So much for the media narrative of the past week that early voting is swinging "big time" to Hillary Clinton.


TWN said...

Counting your chickens,in light of the News feeds of the last couple of days,she maybe having a fireworks sale instead.

Andrew Jackson said...

Trumps down in NC,NH,PENN,COLO,it's over!

Chase jones said...

Lol ^ thats what we have been hearing all month lol u watch to much cnn get your head out of toilet

B.Poster said...


I've lost count of the number of times this race has been declared "over." While HRC is likely the favorite at this point in any sort of betting pool, it is not "over."