Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How Much Do Cyber Weapons Cost?

Cyberwar games at the United States Military Academy.
(Photo: Michael Falco for The New York Times)

Max Smeets, Council on Foreign Relations: How Much Does a Cyber Weapon Cost? Nobody Knows

Can a non-state actor take down critical infrastructure with a cyberattack? If it is not possible today, will it be possible in the future? Experts disagree about the capabilities of non-state actors in cyberspace, let alone agree on their future capability.

There is debate within cybersecurity community and academia whether cyber weapons are getting cheaper and thus within the reach of the self-proclaimed Islamic State or other non-state groups. Although there is some general consensus that offensive cyber operations will be less expensive in the future, there is very little understanding of what influences the cost of a cyber weapon. Making sense of the inputs and defensive environment that drive the cost of a cyber weapon is essential to understanding what actors—whether state, non-state, or criminal—will attain what kinds of cyber capability in the future.

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WNU Editor: The trajectory of software has always been the same .... capabilities and functionality is better and easier to use .... but the cost remains the same. Will this apply to cyber weapons .... probably.

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