Sunday, November 13, 2016

How Will China And Russia Test Donald Trump

Gordon G. Chang, Daily Beast: Here’s How China and Russia Will Test Trump

China and Russia intend to test—and humble—the America of President Trump. So whatever he thinks now, the new American leader is going to need friends and allies.

Donald Trump’s foreign policy, especially in his first months in office, probably will bear no relation to what he has ever said. Or thought.

Why? Trump is unlikely to be driving American policy. Look for Beijing and Moscow to do that. Washington’s moves in the early months probably will be in reaction to these two large authoritarian states, which appear to be coordinating their challenges to America, highlighted by, among other things, their joint naval exercises in the South China Sea and their informal coalition during the height of the Syrian civil war.

Trump during his campaign famously criticized the post-war international system, built by Washington and once accepted by almost everyone in the U.S. In July, he stunned Europe when he suggested that the NATO treaty did not commit the U.S. to defend attacked members. He shocked Asia when in March he both questioned America’s alliances with Japan and South Korea and, ditching non-proliferation policies of more than seven decades, suggested they could develop their own nuclear arsenals.

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WNU Editor: In regards to Russia .... Putin's focus right now is on Syria and the Russian economy. He is also having his own Presidential campaign in 15 months .... lifting sanctions would be a big boost in his campaign and he will need the U.S. to do this. China .... that is another story .... and they are going to be testing Donald Trump when he is President in the first few months.

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Anonymous said...

I'm predicting a test of slow / step by step movements, rather than a lose your face test.