Thursday, November 17, 2016

Is President-Elect Donald Trump's Transition In Chaos?

CBS/AP: Trump transition to the White House - live blog

Over the next two months, leading up to his inauguration as the nation’s 45th president, Donald Trump and his transition team will be hiring thousands of people -- about a thousand of whom must be confirmed by the Senate. Here’s the latest on what’s going on with the presidential transition:

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WNU Editor: I have been studying and writing and posting on U.S. Presidential elections for years .... and I have a completely different view on what the main stream media is reporting on this transition process. Appointees are usually made 4 weeks after the election .... and people do get disappointed. But aside from those who are disappointed that they will not get what they want (which I personally do not get care) .... I find this transition team .... like President-elect Obama's transition team in 2008 .... turbo charged to implement change. Not much has been officially released from the trump team .... contrary to what the main stream media is reporting .... but there are some things that have been made public which I like. I like the fact that all prospective President-Elect Trump government appointees must sign an agreement to not work as a lobbyist for 5 years. I like the fact that much of K-street has been banned from this process .... Pence removes lobbyists from Trump transition team: report (The Hill). I like seeing the chaos that has now descended on Washington .... and in the many foreign capitals who thought Hillary Clinton was going to be the victor. My big worry .... the "losers" still have control on the levers of power .... and as the next two months progress towards Inauguration Day .... these people are going to be more pissed-off and angry. This growing anger is the reason why I believe President-elect Donald Trump is being low-key right now .... why ruffle people's feelings. But after the inauguration .... like President Obama was on the first day that he was sworn in as President .... the political left and critics of Donald Trump are correct when they say the following .... "watch-out".

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Anyone who even remotely thinks the media is honest in its reporting of events either lacks a barely functioning brain or has his/her head firmly planted so far up its own leftist ass that facts and truth no longer matter......useful idiots as Marx would say.