Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Is Russia's Goal To Have A Blue-Water Navy A Pipe Dream?

Russian Aircraft Carrier “Kuznetsov,” January 1996. WIKIMEDIA/Commons

US Naval InstituteRussian Blue-Water Navy is a Pipe Dream

Russia’s Naval Future: Blue-water overreach?

Great powers need great navies—this concept was promoted by legendary Cold War Soviet Navy Admiral Sergey Gorshkov, and his strategic thinking has reemerged as the intellectual foundation for Russian sea power. 1 Russian leaders seek to gain prosperity, security, and influence from maritime commercial enterprise and a navy with global reach. The latest Russian national security documents take the nation’s great power status for granted and expect the Russian Federation Navy (RFN) to rival the U.S. Navy around the world. The Soviet Union collapsed, however, while pursuing unsustainable strategies. The realities of Russia’s underdeveloped maritime sector make it clear that the big talk is unrealistic. The aspiration to be a first-rate maritime power is beyond Russia's maritime potential and industrial capacity, and Russia’s ambitions in the world’s oceans are out of reach.

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WNU Editor: The priority in Moscow has always been the Army and Air Force .... Navy not so much .... and I do not see this policy and mindset changing anything in the future.

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