Friday, November 18, 2016

Is The U.S. On Pace To Increase The Debt By $2.4 Trillion This Year

Zero Hedge/Sovereign Man: Obama on pace to increase the debt by $2.4 trillion this year

OK, this is pretty nuts.

According to data released by the Treasury Department yesterday, the US national debt has soared by a whopping $294 billion since the start of the 2017 fiscal year, just 45 days ago.

That’s an annualized increase of 14%.

So if they keep up this pace, the national debt will increase by $2.4 trillion this fiscal year, surpassing $21 trillion by next September.

It’s hard to believe how rapidly the debt is growing; debt growth is far outpacing the growth of the US economy… and there’s no way to pretend that this is good news.

That doesn’t stop leading economists from trying.

Nobel Laureate Paul Krugman says “debt is good” because the US economy has grown so much over the last 200 years despite not having been debt-free since 1835.

This kind of logic is astonishing.

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WNU Editor: To begin .... President Obama is not the only one who should be blamed for the massive explosion of U.S. debt in the past few years .... the U.S. Congress has also been a major participant in this mess. As to what is my take on government debt .... it has become a tool for politicians to pursue their agenda and policies without burdening the taxpayer with higher taxes .... at least at the beginning. But all good things do come to an end .... and while economists and Nobel Laureates like Paul Krugman likes to push the narrative that since interest rates are low we should borrow more .... the sad fact is that governments become addicted to this method of obtaining funds for their budgets that when interest rates do rise .... and they will rise .... we get the economic and financial crisis that then impacts everyone. As for the $2.4 trillion debt project in the above post .... when this fiscal year is over by next year it is currently projected to actually be over $1 trillion. As for the long term .... this has the potential of becoming President-elect Trump's biggest crisis .... and why his program to expand and grow the economy must succeed because if economic growth does not happen .... this debt problem is going to be a crisis that will become his legacy .... even though he is not responsible for it in the first place.


RussInSoCal said...

"Uh and I'm the best president in my own uh, memory..." BHO


TWN said...

Rome and the British Empire went this route, but it's different this time because the US is the Exceptional Nation they don't need to follow basic rule of finance, the so called leadership in the US and the West are just so bad, lying ,corrupt and stupid.

RRH said...

"the so called leadership in the US and the West are just so bad, lying ,corrupt and stupid."

No argument here TWN.

fred lapides said...

Russ etc
note that Obama is Not the only one adding to this began before him and it will continue after with the new president

fred lapides said...

"the so called leadership in the US and the West are just so bad, lying ,corrupt and stupid."
ok. now cite examples elsewhere that had no bad, lying, corrupt and stupid leadership and that constructed truly great nations

RRH said...
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Aizino Smith said...

The lying ,corrupt and stupid Western leadership have got to pay for socialism somehow.

RRH said...

now they'll be paying for National Socialism.

Aizino Smith said...

Poor RRH. He has to accuse anyone he dislikes of being a NAZI.

'lil devil probably has a brown shirt & jack boots in his closet.