Monday, November 14, 2016

Japan And South Korea Agree To Share Intelligence On North Korea

DW: Japan, South Korea agree to controversial intelligence deal

After years of discussions, Tokyo and Seoul have agreed to share defense intelligence on North Korea's nuclear program. But opposition parties have decried the pact, saying it recognizes "Japan's military rise."

Japan and South Korea on Monday signed a preliminary deal to share defense intelligence concerning North Korea's nuclear and missile activities, despite resistance from opposition parties and activists.

"It is important that Japan and South Korea cooperate to deal with North Korea's nuclear and missile issues," said Japanese government spokesman Yoshihide Suga.

North Korea has tested nuclear weapons and intercontinental missiles in the face of sanctions and UN Security Council resolutions, sparking concerns in the region.

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WNU Editor: This agreement is not going over well in South Korea .... South Korean opposition to block any military intelligence sharing deal with Japan (South China Morning Post).

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B.Poster said...

I regret to inform the South Koreans that the Japanese military has already risen. This cannot be changed. Furthermore I regret to inform the South Koreans that the United States military is not gong to be able to be able to act as a "backstop" against North Korea for much longer.

The US military is broken in many areas, morale and training are poor, equipment is poorly maintained and substandard, and even basic defense of the American mainland will be problematic at best, at present, against the nation's primary adversaries. As such, it is going to be profoundly in the interests of South Korea and Japan to work together on common defense against common adversaries such as North Korea.

I regret to inform South Korea that reality is intruding on their fantasies. What they need to be doing right now is working with the Japanese on intelligence sharing and other areas of defense and not squabble over this. Additionally BOTH South Korea and Japan need to work constructively with the Americans as we redeploy our military assets away from their homelands. This can be done in an orderly or disorderly fashion or not. Orderly or disorderly is to a large degree up to them. In nay event, it has to happen. It cannot be prevented. Time to adjust to reality people and not insist on being stuck in fantasies.