Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 1, 2016

RT: Russian battle group reaches Mediterranean after ‘causing stir’ in the West (VIDEO)

A Russian naval group, headed by the Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier and the battle cruiser Peter the Great, has made its way into the Mediterranean, causing quite a stir in the West, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Moscow has been surprised by the countries that have denied Russia’s warships entry to their ports, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu said, adding that ‘Western colleagues’ need to decide who they are actually fight against – terrorists or Russia.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 1, 2016

Russian shipborne air task force arrives in Mediterranean -- TASS

Turkish General Staff chief arrives in Russia to discuss military cooperation -- TASS

In Crimea, Russia signals military resolve with new and revamped bases -- Reuters

India to Clear $2.1 Billion Defense Purchase Contract with Russia -- Sputnik

China Shows Off Latest Military Innovations at Air Show -- Time

Equipment installed on Russian jets supplied to China won't be illegally replicated -- TASS

China debuts J-20 stealth jet in show of strength at country's biggest expo -- Reuters

Opinion: Should US be worried about China's new J-20 stealth fighters? -- Justin Bronk, CNN

China and Malaysia sign deals on navy vessels -- Reuters

Australia, Indonesia consider joint South China Sea naval patrols -- Reuters

UK spy chief sees growing threat from Russian cyber-attacks, espionage -- Reuters

Russia dismisses British allegations about spy threat -- Reuters

Turkey to buy 24 more Lockheed F-35 aircraft, defense minister says -- Reuters

Woes mount for beleaguered Afghan security forces -- AFP

Wave of Insider Attacks Hits Afghan Army -- Military.com

German military draws fire over new reality web series -- DW

‘First in 28 years’: ‘USS Pennsylvania’ ballistic-missile sub comes to Guam, Pacific Ocean -- RT

US sends message to adversaries with nuclear sub visit, drills -- CNN

US floating SBX radar spent month spying on N.Korea nukes – reports -- RT

USS Montgomery Suffers Another Hull Crack -- Maritime Executive

WATCH: Marines’ F-35B Executes Perfect Vertical Landing on Ship -- DoD Buzz

Navy Seeking Unmanned Underwater Advances To Field Today, To Inform Next Generation Sub Design In 2020s -- USNI News

Army Tests New 40mm Door-Breaching Grenade -- Kit Up!

‘Ship Killers’: Pentagon Chief Reveals Upgrades to US Army’s Long Range Rocket -- Sputnik

Pentagon Set to Ask Congress for $6 Billion in Additional Funds -- Bloomberg

US Air Force’s B-2 Bomber to Be Outfitted With New Digital Nukes -- Sputnik

The Pentagon is preparing a strategy to defend satellites against space weapons -- Scout Warrior

Subsidiary of 3M Wins US Army Contract for High-Tech Helmets, Body Armor Inserts -- Sputnik

New Program Aims to Change Marine Corps' Fitness Culture -- Military.com

Defense chief looks to improve military recruiting -- The Hill

GOP urges Pentagon to immediately return bonuses clawed back from vets -- The Hill

California National Guard reportedly cannot locate 4,000 soldiers who received improper military bonuses -- FOX News

F-16 pilot: Cessna in sight less than 1 second before crash -- AP

Judge Rules in Favor of Palantir in Lawsuit Against US Army -- Defense News

America's M60 Patton Tank: Can It Still Fight the World's Best (At Over 50 Years Old)? -- National Interest

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RussInSoCal said...

Fun fact: You can track the exact location (within ~8 hours) of the Admiral Kuznetsov by plugging the sea-going tug NIKOLAY CHIKER into vessel finder dot com. The tug is about 2 minutes behind the Russian carrier and has been shadowing the battle group since it left its northern port.