Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 22, 2016

Russian servicemen equip an Iskander tactical missile system at the Army-2015 international military-technical forum in Kubinka, outside Moscow, Russia, June 17, 2015. REUTERS/Sergei Karpukhin/Files

The Telegraph: Russia to move nuclear-capable missiles closer to Europe as Vladimir Putin claims Nato expansion is threat

Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, said on Monday he would move nuclear-capable missiles closer to Europe in response to Nato's expansion in the Baltic states.

In a bold display of force against Western allies, Russian S-400 surface-to-air missiles and a ballistic Iskander system will be deployed in Kaliningrad, which is situated between Lithuania and Poland.

Iskander missiles have a range of 450 miles, which means they could hit Berlin if launched from Kaliningrad.

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Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- November 22, 2016

New Russia missiles in Kaliningrad are answer to U.S. shield - lawmaker -- Reuters

Russian military deploys powerful new missiles to Baltic region -- The Guardian

Russia rejects Western criticism of Baltic missile buildup
-- AP

Kremlin Defends Military Buildup In Kaliningrad -- RFE

German army under scrutiny for recruiting teenagers -- DW

New Zealand Considers 2030 With $14B Defense Capability Plan -- Defense News

New Su-30, Il-38 planes and other top picks of the Russian Navy this year -- TASS

Bal and Bastion: Meet Two Coastal Defense Systems Russia Deployed to Kurils -- Sputnik

New missile system delivered to Turkish military -- UPI

Japanese peacekeepers arrive in South Sudan with new powers -- AP

NATO's second-largest military power is threatening a dramatic pivot to Russia and China -- Natasha Bertrand, Business Insider

U.S. fears over sensitive compound hits Chinese bid for Aixtron -- Reuters

China’s Maritime Militia a Growing Concern -- Defense News

China, Pakistan Bonhomie Forces India to Rethink Its Nuclear Submarine Plan -- Sputnik

Russia and China join efforts to combat terrorism -- TASS

US and China conduct rare military drill -- CNN

Japan 'Will Apply Carrot and Stick Approach' Over US Military Bases in Okinawa -- Sputnik

Japan Defense Adviser Sees Chance to Update Alliance with US -- AP

AFP, US Pacific command chiefs weigh future of US-PH military ties -- ABS CBN News

U.S. Navy selects BAE Systems for Zumwalt destroyer work -- UPI

Can America's B-21 Raider Crush Future Russian Air Defenses? -- National Interest

Fighter Pilots Aren’t Flying Enough to Hone the Skills of Full-Spectrum War -- Defense One

The Marine Corps is Experimenting With a New Service Rifle -- Military.com

Pentagon Waives Penalties for Hackers to Test its Cybersecurity -- Military.com/Stars and Stripes

The next boss of the Pentagon may be a general nicknamed ‘Mad Dog’ -- Eli Lake, National Interest/Bloomberg View

How Trump naming Mattis as Pentagon chief would break with 65 years of U.S. history -- Dan Lamothe, Washington Post

Officers must be retired 7 years to lead Pentagon -- USA Today

Retired generals set to fill key roles in the Trump White House -- Military Times

Get Ready For Concealed And Open Carry On Military Bases -- Task And Purpose

Muslims at the Pentagon Brace for Trump Administration -- Daily Beast

The Future of Military Technology Is Here, and It's Intense -- Equities.com

Setting up our warriors for failure -- Ed Feulner, Washington Times

Trump Wants to Revolutionize the Military. Will Washington Let Him? -- Daniel R. DePetris, National Interest

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