Saturday, November 12, 2016

NATO Is Intensifying Its Monitoring Mission Of The Russia's Naval Task Force Off Syria

Tyler Rogoway, Warzone/The Drive: An Undersea Game of Cat-and-Mouse Is Afoot off Syria as Air Strikes Loom

Russia’s naval task force in the Med is chasing off NATO submarines as massive strikes on Syrian targets appear imminent.

Just as The War Zone predicted, reports are surfacing that Russia’s large naval flotilla, led by the carrier Admiral Kuznetsov, has already had a confrontation with a NATO submarine. Russia’s Ministry of Defense says that two destroyers chased away a Dutch attack submarine that was operating in the armada’s midst. The Russian task force had arrived off Syrian shores just two days ago.

The Kremlin claims the submarine, which is thought to have been a Dutch Walrus class diesel electric boat, maneuvered dangerously close to the Russian naval group’s operating area off the coast of Syria. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated:

“Naval search-and-assault group of large anti-submarine vessels, Severomorsk and Vice-Admiral Kulakov, spotted the diesel-electric submarine of the Netherlands’ Navy, which tried to approach the carrier battle group of the Northern Fleet for monitoring… Russian ships were tracking the Dutch submarine’s maneuvers and forced it to leave the area of the carrier group… Awkward attempts to dangerously maneuver in close proximity to the Russian naval group by the Dutch Navy could lead to serious navigation accidents.”

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WNU Editor: This so reminds me of the Cold War where such "incidents" were the norm rather than the exception.

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