Thursday, November 17, 2016

President-Elect Trump's Transition Team Has Not Contacted The Pentagon And State Department Yet

Tal Kopan, CNN: Why hasn't Trump's transition team called the Pentagon?

Washington (CNN)President-elect Donald Trump's decision to have Mike Pence replace Chris Christie as the leader of his transition effort, and ongoing infighting in Trump Tower, is causing delays and confusion in Washington.

Election Day was eight days ago, but Donald Trump's transition team has yet to contact the Pentagon, State Department or other federal agencies. And a move to purge some transition advisers and employees has further slowed the process of getting the incoming administration off the blocks.

So-called landing teams, which President Barack Obama installed at federal agencies within days of the election for his own transition, had been expected to arrive in DC Monday. But Vice President-elect Pence's takeover of the team caused a cascade of delays.

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WNU Editor: That meeting will happen .... and I am willing to bet that many Generals and Pentagon officials are not looking forward to meeting this key President-elect Donald Trump aide who has been a constant and long time critic of these same officials.

Update: The Transition team will be meeting with both the Pentagon and State Department tomorrow .... Trump transition team: Meetings with Pentagon, State Department could begin Friday (Washington Post).

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