Tuesday, November 15, 2016

President Obama 'Schools' Hillary Clinton On How To Win A Presidential Election

Daily Mail: Obama's pointed rebuke to Clinton for election loss as he tells how HE won by going to 'every fish fry'

* Hit Clinton for taking it easy as Donald Trump barnstormed the nation
* The president was taking questions for the first time since his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, lost to Donald Trump
* Said he was victorious in Iowa - a swing state that's mostly white - 'not because of the demographics'
* Said it was because he spent 87 days going to 'every small town and fair and fish fry and VFW hall'
* To Democrats who are 'discouraged' by last Tuesday's election, Obama reminded them, 'things change pretty rapidly.'
* He cast Trump as 'uniquely unqualified' to lead the country on the campaign trail; now says the country must unite behind him

President Barack Obama delivered a veiled rebuke to Hillary Clinton today for spending the summer and much of the fall taking it easy as Donald Trump barnstormed the nation.

The two-time winner Electoral College winner said he was victorious in Iowa, a mostly white state, 'not because the demographics dictated' it, but because he spent 87 days going to 'every small town and fair and fish fry and VFW hall.'

Some counties he may have lost by fewer votes because he dropped in, the president said. Others he may have won unexpectedly because he spent so much time there.

'And the challenge for a national party is how do you dig in there and create those kinds of structures so that people have a sense of what it is that you stand for.'

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WNU Editor: To begin .... Presidents Obama, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan are the best political campaigners that I have ever saw. They know how to win elections .... and they have the ability to forge a bond with their supporters that is instinctive and easy for them to do. That is why President Obama's remarks are spot on .... campaigning is a 24/7 job, and (quoting Ronald Reagan when he ran for office) you better get use to eating rubber chicken at least 3 times a day and making at least a dozen stops a day. But in all fairness to Hillary Clinton .... I think her age and her health problems limited her on how she could campaign .... and this lack of energy to inspire her supporters was evident on many occasions. What also did not help her was that unlike her husband she is not a natural politician .... and as the campaign continued this also become more evident with time.


B.Poser said...

"....her age and health problems...." Very respectfully this, at least the health issues, were plain for anyone with eyes to see who did not have their eyes blinded by ideology or blind allegiance to Hillary and the Democrats. In other words, this was obvious from the start. There's simply no way an objective observer could have missed this.

Why exactly the Democrats selected her as their candidate when they had other electable candidates is a mystery to me. Not being a Democrat I would be unable to answer this. they could have very easily brought in someone like Joe Biden at any time. While he is old, he was Obama's VP and was well liked, as is President Obama even if many people do not agree with his policies.

Since they didn't do this, we will never know how this would have turned out but it seems he could have easily beaten Mr. Trump or pretty much any one else the Republicans might have put up. The question of why Hillary may not be able to be answered for quite some time if ever.

I might respectfully disagree with the notion of Hillary not being a good campaigner. She was every successful at attacking Mr. Trump personally and throwing him off message. At the end of the day, this seemed to be the only viable tactic she had and it almost worked as Mr. Trump continually took the bait and allowed himself to be drawn off message.

fred lapides said...

you are not a doctor. If you were, you would still not make the statement you did without a personal examination. The health issue has no proof and was used by Trump people to attack her but was dropped when she stood up and gave what she got at 3 debates and visited non stop for speeches and fundraising.

B.Poster said...


I know medical professionals who have told me by observation that she is not well and, in fact, is very likely extremely ill. She probably would not have survived her first term.

Perhaps now that the pressure is off, team Trump will drop all investigations in the interests of getting focused on the issues at hand rather than an extremely disruptive trial, and a blanket pardon awaits from president Obama anyway regardless perhaps she can get focused on getting well.

Medical personnel routinely make remote diagnosis based upon testimony of others, pictures, and videos. This is done when quick treatment is of the essence. These people are very, very good.

You are correct though that medical professionals generally will not go public with a diagnosis without a complete medical exam. There are patient confidentiality laws, risk of lawsuits, and loss of one's career to do so. As such, most will not come forward. As for her debate performances, she was very likely drugged to help her through this.

You are correct though that a medical professional generally would not make a public statement without a close observation and detailed tests. To do such is risky to one's career should they get it wrong

B.Poster said...

If she were healthy, she would have certainly campaigned more or so it would seem. She couldn't go to "every fish fry" as her health simply would not permit this. Her internal polling had to have been telling her things were much closer than the media polls indicated. Hence I say anyone with eyes to see should have seen this.

RRH said...

She lost because her program looked just like his program and a whole bunch of people looked at the "options"in front of them and voted with their feet.