Thursday, November 17, 2016

President Obama Tells President-Elect Trump To Stand-Up To Russia

Wall Street Journal: Obama, With Merkel in Berlin, Warns Trump Against Cutting Harmful Deals With Putin

The long-planned talks between the U.S. and German leaders have turned into high-stakes sessions on how to maintain the longtime trans-Atlantic alliance

BERLIN—President Barack Obama warned President-elect Donald Trump to stand up to Russia when necessary as he and German Chancellor Angela Merkel vowed to address the inequities of globalization that propelled the populist tycoon to the White House.

“What unites us is the common conviction that globalization needs to be defined humanely and politically but also that there is not turning back from it,” Ms. Merkel said after the two leaders met for several hours on Thursday.

The chancellor said she would “do everything to establish a good relationship” with Mr. Trump, stressing the importance of the trans-Atlantic relationship as the pillar of Germany’s foreign policy. She said she hoped Germany and the U.S. would continue to share common positions on international issues from climate change to trade deals and the fight against terrorism.

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WNU Editor: In all my years of following U.S. Presidential politics .... this is the first time that I have seen a sitting President criticise a President-elect on a stage in foreign country on a major foreign policy issue. And on top of that .... on the same stage going out of his way to tell anti-Trump protesters to continue their demonstrations against the President-elect .... Obama on anti-Trump protesters: 'I wouldn't advise them to be silent' (Washington Examiner). This is what I mean when I say that from now to Inauguration Day tensions and anger are NOT going to be in short supply against the President-elect ... and my gut is telling me thet President-elect Donald Trump knows that.

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Anonymous said...

Merkel and Obama, the two weakest leaders of our time.....are afraid trump will not commit to their failing policies, hope to God not....America as a country has collectively refused to elect obamas third term in hillary, its time for obama to crawl back into his cave with the rest of his jihadi buddies

fred lapides said...

Ah, Deplorable spits his venom while hiding, of course, under the cloak of up, girlie boy

Nick Coppola said...

Is everyone who reads this blog a leftist?

War News Updates Editor said...

No Nick .... but they love to comment. As for the Right ... they always email me because they want to be confidential and which I respect .... which is too bad .... because their comments are sometimes very good.

Aizino Smith said...

Mr Flexible for Putin tells Trump to stand up to Putin?

Does Obama feel scorned?

RRH said...

There is quite a spread on here.

And some of the comments from the right are very good.

James and B. come to mind.

Most are from the centre or centre right from what I can tell.

There is a left, but it is not nearly the majority.

And then there's Miguel and Aizino.

They're from Hell.